Do you think you are saving/investing enough of your current income?

Are you using a well-coordinated suite of financial programs that may be available or important to you and your family?

Our family approach is financial planning based. It starts with several in depth conversations and following that we create a financial plan using both proprietary as well as licensed software to develop a plan based on these conversations as well as answers to questions that ensure we understand the client’s situation and needs.

This vital document creates the time horizon as well as goals and will be reviewed and updated throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

Using the plan as a guide, we proceed to select different investments that are tailored to the client and are explained so that the client understands the portfolio’s investments, risk and taxation considerations.

1. Initial Discovery

Engaging with you and your family, taking the time to understand your issues, goals and learn about these topics that are unique to you. We converse to understand your concerns about both your wealth as well as your life issues. What are the relevant risks and worries and how do you address them; how should they be dealt with and what can we do to change them?

2. Proposal

Once we feel we understand where you are, where you would like to be and what is most important to you and your family, we begin to create a blueprint of a plan using all the information as input. We will collaborate with your other advisors, your attorneys and your CPA to make sure all issues are considered and we will craft a well thought out plan to help you navigate towards your goals.

3. Lifestyle Planning

Beyond investments, we will work with you to take steps to address your concerns. Lifestyle planning helps you address areas such as liability issues, charitable giving, and working with your family on inheritance matters to give you a level of comfort beyond just your wealth.

4. Constant Monitoring

Your plan will serve as a roadmap that explains not only how your investments will be handled but how to address other issues you've discussed with us. We offer intuitive tracking of your accounts to check asset values and portfolio performance and we are available to discuss the status of your wealth management plan as requested.

Most importantly, we are available to meet, either by phone or in person whenever needed to review your lifestyle plan, any changes in your life, concerns you have and to strategize how we can help to keep you on track.


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